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Spin Master Brightlings are silly, leggy interactive playmates with a heart shaped light up face that love to talk to you and can create for you different types of music you can sing to.

In this review we will share all the fun features that make this 15-inch plush, hip, huggable playmate a new interactive pal that will provide hours of laughs and entertainment. We will also detail the facts you need to know to keep each Brightling operating at its best.

Brightlings are available in three (3) different colors and styles to appeal to the discriminating tastes of their new playmate. Get them in TEAL, PINK and PURPLE.

Spin Master Brightlings

What’s in the Brightlings Box?

  • 1 – Brightlings English Speaking 15″ Plush Interactive Doll
  • 1 – Instructions Manual
  • 3 – AAA Alkaline Partial Strength Batteries for Demo Purposes Only

This Brightlings interactive toy requires three (3) AAA-Alkaline batteriesĀ to operate all of the features. There are three (3) batteries included, HOWEVER, these are for in-store demo purposes only and are NOT full strength. Three (3) NEW AAA-Alkaline batteries should be installed to enjoy all this Spin Master toy has to offer! The manufacturer cautions against using rechargeable batteries.

Spin Master Brightlings Features

With long legs, a heart shaped face and ears and a little round tummy, this interactive plush toy (at just under one half pound with batteries) is just the right size for toting, and offers lots of chatty fun.

Spin Master Brightlings Features

  1. The Spin Master Brightling comes with three (3) modes of operation — the PLAY MODE, MUSIC MODE and REPEAT MODE.
  2. In the PLAY MODE a Brightling can say over 100 phrases. By positioning this toy on their back, stomach, upside down, shaking, rocking and flying around, more phrases are activated through play. The phrases are spoken when the tummy is pressed.
  3. In the MUSIC MODE, a Brightling will sing in six (6) different styles of music — Pop, Rock, Jazz, Opera, Yodel and Beat Box. For MUSIC MODE, you just squeeze the Brightling’s hand until it says “Music” and then you squeeze its ear to select the style. When you have the style you like, you squeeze their tummy to hear them sing. When you tilt them a certain way (as they are singing) their face will change color.
  4. In the REPEAT MODE is similar to the MUSIC MODE — you squeeze Brightling’s hand until it says “Repeat”, then you squeeze its ear and record your own voice for up to 15 seconds. To play back what you recorded, you press its tummy. Tilt a Brightling during the REPEAT MODE and its voice will change from high to low.

Spin Master Brightlings Packaging


Brightlings Interactive Plush Toy Facts

  1. Spin Master Brightlings measures approximately 15 inches tall with the head about 7 inches wide and 5 inches deep. They are recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 4 and older largely due to a learning curve associated with recording a playmates voice. This is still a fun, plush interactive toy for younger ages who can better learn the features as they grow.
  2. These plush dolls have different textured materials, with seams that are tightly stitched and can stand up to some serious play.
  3. Spin Master Interactive ToysThe battery compartment is located beneath the fabric on the back of the Brightling’s head and is accessed using a Phillips head screwdriver provided by you. The ON/OFF switch is in the same location.
  4. The ON/OFF Switch has 3 positions. The OFF position is located in the middle of the switch. The third position is DEMO MODE and should not be used for play. The toy may arrive in DEMO MODE and should be switched to the ON position for full features.
  5. Because of the electronic features, this is an indoor toy only. It should not be exposed to water, high humidity or extended periods of direct sunlight that may impact its functions and overall appearance.
  6. Clean any soiled areas with a damp cloth only.
  7. The Brightling is an English speaking interactive toy BUT since you are able to record words and phrases (up to 15 seconds) and play them back by pressing the Brightling’s tummy, the toy can be multilingual.


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