Zoomer Pup Shadow Interactive Puppy Features

Say hello to Zoomer Pup “Shadow”, who is the original Zoomer’s best friend and can be yours too! How can you resist those adorable perky puppy ears and look of pure delight on his little cocked head?

This cute little interactive puppy provides all the fun of a real puppy in the way he plays and in the tricks you teach him.

In this review, we’ll take a look at all the features of Shadow and what makes him so special. We will also examine the facts about owning Shadow so you can decide if he is the right special friend to adopt into your home.

Playing with Shadow will bring hours of fun but also some developmental and educational benefits for younger children — we’ll highlight those as well.

Let’s start with what’s in the box if you make the decision to buy:

    • 1 – Adorable Zoomer Shadow Interactive Puppy
    • 1 – USB Charging Cable for Computer or Laptop
    • 1 – Instruction Guide for Use and Training
    • 1 – Quick Reference Guide for Play

Zoomer Shadow Interactive Puppy Features

For first time Zoomer buyers, Shadow is an interactive robot dog that acts much like a real puppy — excitable, full of tricks, unconditional love and plenty of mischief.

What Shadow will not do is require trips to the vet, get into your trash, pee on your floor, shed hair on your furniture and chew up your paycheck.

We give Zoomer Shadow a 10 out 10 rating for the cuteness factor but let’s see what technological advancements make this little robot dog a worthy companion for your young pet lover.

Zoomer Shadow Interactive Puppy Features

  1. Zoomer Shadow is powered through a USB charger that plugs into a computer or laptop. A USB wall adapter that plugs into your household current can also be used but this style charger is not included and must be purchased separately.
  2. When charged, this Shadow pup will respond to your voice commands as well as hand and body gestures. As noted in the image above, Shadow can perform many of the functions you would expect from a real puppy such as wagging his tail, sitting, rolling over, shaking hands, chasing objects, hiking his leg to pee, in addition to barking, whimpering or whining.
  3. Shadow Play TricksWhere Shadow, the robot dog, goes beyond some of the standard puppy traits is when he break dances, plays dead, goes to sleep when you tell him, will “be sneaky” crouching on all fours when asked, backs up on command, says “Hello” in cute puppy barks as well as “I Love You” in puppy barks.
  4. This Zoomer interactive pup features both “Secret” and “Independent” modes of play. In the “Independent” mode, when he is on and you are not giving him commands, he will wander around on his own — doing his own thing. You might see him:
      • stretch his back and legs
      • stand and wag his tail
      • pant as if he’s hot or thirsty
      • bark at you to get your attention
      • sneeze for no reason
      • just lay down
      • burp
      • sniff around while wandering
  5. You can say “Show me your secret tricks” OR you hold his head down for 3 seconds and an upside down question mark will appear in his eyes. This puts him in the “Secret Mode” for even more fun. Ask Shadow to “Show Me the Money” and “$” signs will appear in his eyes and you will hear Las Vegas style jackpot music. Tell Shadow to “Moo like a cow” and he will make real cow sounds. Say “Go Fish” to Zoomer Shadow Pup and you will see electronic fish swimming across his eyes. Some of his best dance moves come when you tell Shadow to “Back it up” — Shadow will back up and dance while lifting his rear up and down.
  6. In addition to Secret and Independent modes of play he also comes with a “Guard” mode. In this mode he will stand at attention, growling and barking in the direction of what he sees as a danger.

Facts for Operating Zoomer Shadow

While the features are what usually attract a buyer, it helps to know, before you buy, what it takes to train and care for Shadow before bringing him home. There is a learning curve associated with using this robotic dog to its full capacity so here’s what we think you should know.

  1. Initial charging time for Shadow is about one (1) hour. During charging, an LED light above the USB port on the bottom of Shadow will glow “RED” during the charging period. When Shadow is done charging, the LED light will shut off.
  2. Operating time, based on play, for a full charge will be between 20 and 30 minutes.
  3. Set the language mode below the POWER SWITCH to “A” for English, “B” for French or “C” for Spanish. Then pat him on the head to wake him up.
  4. Zoomer Shadow TricksZoomer Shadow starts out in the “Listening” mode. Question marks will appear in his eyes while he waits for your voice command. If you see an “X” in his eyes, it means he did not understand your command and you will need to repeat it.
  5. Shadow will hear you best if you are no more than one (1) to three (3) feet away from his sensors.
  6. This robotic puppy, in “Training” mode, will NOT get all your commands right the first time. It will take some time for Shadow, just like a real puppy, to understand what you are telling him. The best way for him to learn and remember your commands is to repeat them and he will eventually get them right. It is good to be patient with him as he learns — just like with a real puppy. If you get frustrated, then this may put Shadow in a bad mood and he will not learn as quickly. As long as he is in a good mood, he will respond well to what you tell him.
  7. If there are commands that you do not use on a regular basis then Shadow may forget them and will need to learn them all over again.
  8. Shadow measures about 8.5-inches WIDE x 11.5-inches TALL x 10.16-inches LONG and weighs just over 2 pounds
  9. He is best as an indoor interactive puppy as dirt, gravel and grass can get trapped in his wheels or can damage his sensors as will exposure to direct sunlight.
  10. Shadow should not be exposed to any water as he is an electronic device. He can be wiped clean, as needed, with a very lightly dampened, scratch-free cloth.
  11. This Zoomer Shadow interactive robotic dog is made outside the US and is imported from China.
  12. He is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 5 and older.
  13. Prices for this interactive puppy have been determined by the supplier and not this review website.
  14. Prices will change based on product popularity and availability. As a fairly new release in time for the holiday shopping season, demand is likely to be high.

Benefits for Younger Children

For younger kids this little interactive dog will provide a few benefits, during play, that will work as building blocks for more advanced life skills.

Educational ToysSince operating Shadow requires a number of steps be performed in sequence and over a period of seconds, this will help  a young child with counting.

It will also help in developing memory as recall is required to repeat favorite features.

Problem solving comes into play when features do not operate as planned the first time a command is given. Either it’s because the child did not speak clearly or is too far away from Shadow or there is background interference that prohibits Shadow from responding. Learning how to work around immediate issues will enhance problem solving skills.

Because there is a learning curve associated with any new toy, a younger child will learn to become more independent and confident in Shadow’s operation as the child becomes comfortable with giving commands.

Then there are the rewards and the pride a child feels when this puppy responds happily to their request — how can you put a price tag on that?


This is a featured packed little interactive puppy toy with lots of personality and guaranteed to generate more than a few laughs in addition to hours of play.

There is a learning curve required to fully utilize all the tricks and moves this busy little electronic marvel has to offer. Patience is key because he will not be fully functional in terms of commands on a full charge.

He will need to be taught to recognize commands and this may frustrate some users. The rewards, however, when both you and Shadow become accustomed to each other, is well worth the effort.

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