FurReal Friends Daisy “Plays with Me” Kitty Toy Review

This huggable, fluffy kitten from Hasbro’s FurReal Friends line is an interactive kitten named “Daisy Plays-With-Me-Kitty” for ages 4 and older.

In this review, we will take a look at Daisy’s features and why this interactive plush kitty might be a nice companion and pretend pet for that little kitten lover in your home.

We will also take a look at the facts surrounding purchase of this FurReal Friends toy and what benefits your little one might gain through play.

What’s in the Box?

Huggable, interactive Daisy possesses all the cute characteristics, with movements and sounds that will delight any child who adds this little ball of fur to their play environment.

Let’s start with what you get in the box with purchase:

  • 1 – Fluffy FurReal Friends Daisy “Plays with Me Kitty” Toy
  • 1 – Purple Handled Pink Furry Kitty Toy
  • 1 – Daisy Plays with Me Kitty Pet Care Guide
  • 4 – AA Alkaline DEMO Batteries

FurReal Friends Daisy Features

This little interactive plush cat toy has all the features you would expect to find in a baby animal that needs attention and nurturing. From the adorable look to the kitty sounds, responses and movements, this little kitten will hold the care giver’s attention and is a precious companion and playmate.

FurReal Friends Daisy Play With Me Features

Here are some of this kitten’s more notable features:

  1. FurReal Daisy is fully outfitted for her new owner with a bright pink bow at her ear and a FurReal Friends identification heart around her neck.
  2. Daisy will purr like a kitten and make mewing sounds in her “ON” or play mode.
  3. She can move her front legs and paws and make “kneading” motions.
  4. She will pounce, stand on her hind legs and rock back and forth.
  5. Daisy has 3 sensors. One light sensor on her forehead will cause her to interact with the included kitty toy. One sensor on her back will put her into “Cuddle Mode” when you press it twice. The sensor in her front right paw puts her in play mode where she will stand, knead her front paws and move her front legs while making kitten sounds. Pressing her front paw twice will start her singing a cute little “Meow” song.
  6. Daisy responds to her kitty toy and to the pressing of her sensors during play — she will not respond to voice commands.
  7. After about 45 seconds of inactivity, Daisy will think it is time for a nap and go to sleep. Her light sensor will not work when she is catnapping. To wake her up just press her back or squeeze her front right paw.FurReal Friends Plays With Me Kitty
  8. For being a battery-operated toy, Daisy is very plush, super soft to the touch and no sharp, or small loose harmful objects.

FurReal Friends Kitty Daisy Facts

Before buying Daisy, it helps to know what it will take to assemble, operate and care for her. Here’s what we think parents should know before purchase:

  1. FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-with-Me-Kitty is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 4 and older.
  2. She is officially licensed Hasbro FurReal Friends merchandise that is made for Hasbro outside the US and is imported from China. Because Hasbro uses different vendors for producing their merchandise, there may be a slight variation in fur color from the image you see.
  3. This Daisy interactive kitten toy has a “Try Me” mode and a “Play or ON” mode. The toy comes set in the “Try Me” mode for in-store purposes and not all features are active in this mode. Turn the switch (located on her tummy) from “Try Me” mode to “On” for full features in home use.
  4. Lovable Daisy requires four (4) AA Alkaline batteries to operate. She comes with four (4) AA Alkaline DEMO batteries that are used for in-store purposes. NEW batteries (purchased separately) should be used for all her features to operate correctly.
  5. As a battery operated, interactive toy, FurReal Friends Daisy is is not machine washable. She may be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Before using a damp cloth, brush Daisy’s fur to remove any surface dirt.
  6. Daisy Plays with Me Kitty measures 8-inches WIDE x 13.5-inches LONG x 12.0-inches HIGH
  7. She weighs about 1.8 pounds with batteries installed and is comfortable to hold and cradle for small hands.
  8. The only assembly required is installation of the batteries in a compartment accessed by a screwdriver and under Daisy’s tummy.

Benefits of Playing with FurReal Friends Daisy

This purring kitten, just looking for love, is an adorable companion for any small child. Her sounds and movements develops aunique personality your child will see. While the manufacturer recommends Daisy for Ages 4 and older, younger children will still enjoy her company.

Girl Approved ToyDaisy will offer the benefits interactive play can bring. Your child will grow in:

  1. Role-playing as a care giver
  2. Problem-solving by learning how to use her functions and features
  3. Memory development in retaining play sequences
  4. Will gain confidence and independence as they get comfortable with the toy and its features
  5. Delight when they see interactive Daisy respond to their sensor activated commands

The fun factor and educational significance this can have for a child makes this toy a great value, will ensure hours of play and provide many stories to tell.

Prices for this FurReal Friends Daisy interactive kitty have been determined by the supplier and not our review site. Prices will change based on popularity and availability.

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