Zoomer Robot Puppy Dog Bentley

"Bentley" is an adorable little interactive puppy released by Spin Master, the founders of the original Zoomer robot dog released in 2013. Bentley just happens to be Zoomer's best friend AND he's learned a few more tricks than his buddy...

$124.60 as at 19:41 UTC. (Details)
FurReal Friends Stuffed Plush Panda Bear Pom Pom

This adorable little interactive plush Panda toy named "Pom Pom" is from Hasbro's FurReal Friends series of electronic robot pets. In this review, we will take a look at Pom Pom's features and why this interactive plush panda bear might be a nice...

$44.99 as at 01:04 UTC. (Details)
Cuddles FurReal Friends Interactive Toy

This FurReal Friends plush monkey named "Cuddles" is an interactive nurturing toy for want-to-be little pretend mommies or daddies. From Hasbro's FurReal Friends series, "Cuddles My Giggly Monkey" has all the interactive actions and sounds you...

$79.99 as at 00:57 UTC. (Details)
Shadow Interactive Puppy

Say hello to Zoomer Pup "Shadow", who is the original Zoomer's best friend and can be yours too! How can you resist those adorable perky puppy ears and look of pure delight on his little cocked head? This cute little interactive puppy provides...

$99.99 as at 12:49 UTC. (Details)
FurReal Friends GOGO Robot Dog Toy

Enjoy the love of a puppy with the FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo interactive robot puppy from Hasbro. This adorable pup is almost like having a real puppy play pal and companion. In this review, we will look at the features of GoGo "My Walkin'...

$60.01 as at 22:58 UTC. (Details)
Zoomer Robot Dinosaur Toy

When it comes to a child's love of dinosaurs, the Zoomer robot dinosaur, aptly named "Dino", can provide hours of fun entertainment while also providing several developmental and educational benefits. We might mention it also won the 2014 Toy of...

$81.18 as at 12:58 UTC. (Details)